4 Painless Methods to Trim Your Nose Hair

Once men leave their youth years and start getting older and older, hair starts to sprout from all over the body. Maybe one of the most inconvenient places to have a lot of hair exposed is the nose and the ears. It is agreeable that nose hair is a gross distractor that can easily jeopardize the flux of a conversation when talking with a shorter person. Maybe the worst-case scenario is being on a date and, letting the lady experience such scenery, wouldn’t necessarily recommend you for a second date.

Thus, nose trimming is fairly necessary when you pass the age of thirty and still want to give the impression of a fresh, handsome gentleman. To give you a hand, this article debates 4 ways in which you can cut your nose hair without subduing yourself to painful waxing or plucking hair by hair with tweezers.

Ways to trim your nose hair

1. Nose Hair Scissors 

Trimming your hair with scissors is both precise and painless. Certainly, the key element for such an instrument to be efficient is the bottom end component, which has to be round for better control accuracy. Also, another central factor is the sharpness of the grooming scissors. You don’t want to put too much effort into this activity, so make sure to cover these aspects if you’re drawn towards buying this product.

2. Manual Trimmer 

This alternative provides trimming precision and effortless movement. Most of the models are battery-free, so this is another perk of owning such a product. Moreover, customer reviews are generally positive, especially for the Groom Mate model, which they say is also enduring in time. Also, manual trimmers are easy to clean, so you don’t have to worry about this matter.

3. Battery-powered circular trimmer  

On a similar note, this rather automatic alternative is no less proficient than the other options. Its circularity feature provides a continuous motion that succeeds in trimming your nose hair painlessly and effortlessly. Another advantage of battery-powered circular trimmers is the rapidness with which the task is completed. While controlling manually the motion can become tedious, battery-powered models are much more efficient in this regard.

4. Battery-powered non-circular trimmer 

This is probably the most facile way to trim your nose hair. Unlike circular trimmers, the ones that have non-circular ends don’t grab hair in the process. When you’re in a rush, circular trimmers have the downside to pluck hair event that can be extremely unpleasant. Thus, to avoid this sort of rare inconveniences you can proceed to purchase a non-circular model. Remington provides one of the best non-circular trimmers in the market that comes with both a vertical and circular end. At a reasonable price, the product gives you the best of both worlds, and leads you to use it in other areas too, such as eyebrows or ears.

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